Sign the pledge to stop defrauding carpenters
and find out how you can help

Carpentry is more than a job. It is a time-honored, respected craft. Carpenters are the craftspeople who build the schools, office buildings and apartments that keep our economy moving and provide all families with opportunities to live, work and learn.

Unfortunately, some contractors are defrauding carpenters of their employee rights. Cheating contractors are profiting by requiring carpenters to become independent contractors, knowing these workers get paid less and are not covered by workers compensation insurance if they get hurt on the job.

Simply put — it is payroll fraud.

The misclassification of carpenters can have far-reaching effects on our economy. Billions of dollars in tax revenue are lost every year due to payroll fraud — leading to less work and higher taxes. Cheating contractors are taking advantage of their workers, the government and their communities, resulting in higher insurance rates and health care costs for everyone.

It is time to respect the craft of carpentry and the people who practice it.

Lend your voice, sign the pledge and help protect carpenters and their families.

I sign my name because I respect the hard-working men and women who build our communities and respect the craft of carpentry.