An Advocate’s Experience with Payroll Fraud: Rev. Doug Mork

For Rev. Doug Mork of Cross of Glory Lutheran Church in Brooklyn Center, Minn., the issue of payroll fraud is personal.

Rev. Mork began his career as an organizer in the Deep South for six years and has been a longtime advocate for workers’ rights. Now a member of the Board of Directors for Interfaith Worker Justice, he has met workers who have struggled because of payroll fraud both personally and financially.

“Work has dignity… and through work, we are able to provide for families and build up our communities,” said Rev. Mork. “Payroll fraud and wage theft undermine that ability and creates situations where workers are abused and can’t provide for their families and communities.”

Because of his experience, Rev. Mork believes it is critical that the construction industry defeats payroll fraud to level the playing field for workers and businesses.

“There are good employers who respect their workers, and who follow fair labor practices,” he said. “If there are bad players in the market, good employers are undermined and lose the ability to support their workers through good pay, health insurance and other necessary benefits that sustain a quality lifestyle.”

He also believes that we all play a role in the fight to end unfair labor practices. “I think we all share responsibility to fight payroll fraud. Whether you work in the construction industry, or in any other, we can share occurrences of payroll fraud that we witness. We can report payroll fraud and we can support carpenters in their struggles.”

Signs of payroll fraud include:

  • People being paid in cash at job sites
  • A lack of safety equipment, including hard hats or vests, on workers
  • What appears to be poor treatment of workers
  • Seeing construction work done late into the night, outside of typical work hours

Help us put an end to payroll fraud. Sign our pledge to stop defrauding carpenters of their worker’s rights and dignity.

To learn more about payroll fraud and its effects on the construction industry, watch this brief video or visit The Problem page.

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