A Wife’s Experience with Payroll Fraud: Meet Laura

The setting: It’s your son’s 4th birthday and the whole family is over. Kids are running around the cramped living room and the birthday boy runs over to show you his new action figure. The wedding band on your finger only serves as a reminder of who isn’t there.

Laura, the wife of Jesus, watched her husband miss their children’s biggest memories because of payroll fraud. It has taken its toll on her as well as her husband.

With her husband working all of the time, Laura found herself parenting alone. She feared her husband was missing his children grow up. Coupled with limited time for communication due to long work hours, these experiences wore on their relationship.

“We didn’t have that much communication. He didn’t get to spend as much time as I do with the kids,” Laura said. “We went out for family time but he was always missing.”

Along with worries about her family’s lifestyle, Laura was scared her husband would get hurt on the job. With no medical insurance or worker’s comp, Laura and Jesus would have to shoulder any bills, forcing their already unstable finances to crumble.

He didn’t have any medical insurance or anything like that, so if something ever were to happen to him it would be hard for us to pay for those expenses.”

The couple never knew how much money Jesus would be paid and therefore were unable to budget their money. This made it hard to pay bills and rent, and forced them to limit the activities they took their kids to.

Fed up with their circumstances, Jesus decided to seek help and found better employment through the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters. There they learned what was responsible for their hardships: payroll fraud.

Help put an end to experiences like Laura’s and Jesus’. Sign our pledge to stop defrauding carpenters of their worker’s rights and dignity.

To learn more about payroll fraud and its effects on the construction industry, watch this brief video or visit The Problem page.

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